An honest advice

“Make sure the important people in your life know they are important before it’s too late.”


I’ve posted stuff about this, but it was dedicated to my grandfather who passed away about 2 years ago. It didn’t happen only with my grandfather, but with a couple of friends who lost their lives too. However, this also happened with people who didn’t leave this world, but left my life.

Anyway, it’s time for me to generalise. 

People loose friends for example, on a daily basis due to many reasons, whether it’s a fight, or they just realise, they’re better off without those friends. It may not be so depressing or whatever, because it’s something they have chosen and although it will affect the people in that situation, it is not as bad as other things.

We often loose people we love because God decides to take them away. That is probably the hardest way of loosing someone, because it doesn’t happen for a reason, it just happens out of nowhere. No one likes death. No one wants their loved ones to die. No one wants to die.


So my advice to you all is to keep in mind that quote, because sooner or later it will happen to you too and you will regret it badly. 



5 thoughts on “An honest advice

  1. Completely agree with you. It’s so hard to be conscious of the inevitable, of the unexpected. I have a post about this idea, I forget what the title is, but you’ll hopefully encounter it as you read my previous posts. Anyway, we must respect the mystery. We’re not meant to know the real time of friends or family passings; same thing with the Lord returning again. We don’t know about these moments for the reason of being prepared, ready, and alert. This means we need to respect, honor, and cherish these moments with friends, and loved ones. Because, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Who promises you tomorrow?

  2. Exactly, but unfortunately I found this out after my grandfather passed away. However, better later than never, right? Thanking God for making me realise that you never know when ‘the time’ has come.

    I will happily look for that post and read it.

  3. That’s a good attitude to have. And I’m sure your grandfather would want it that way. Not about regret because I’m sure you loved him so much. But you’ll look at relationships in a different light because of him. Isn’t that what our close relationships and encounters are all about? Whatever you learn the easy or hard way, you can use in other realms or relationships, so as to not regret or dwell on something we didn’t do.

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