Am I optimistic? Oh, yes I am.

It annoys me when I hear people saying that they are not in the mood, that they hate their life, or that they want to die. What the hell? Instead of being happy for being alive, they think this? I’ve lost a couple of friends and I must say they weren’t older than 21? If not less. I bet that any of them, who are now up there with Him would love to have at least one hour on this planet. Why? Because life is worth living. That’s why God gave you life, to live it and be thankful for it.

Everyone has their ups and downs and I can proudly say it that I know how to pass through my downs and I can face them really well, or at least most of them. I don’t really have a lot of problems and even when if do, they are not so big. They should not be big at an early age. If problems are big and major when you’re so young what are you gonna do when you get older?

I am a very optimistic person and until now, nothing made me lose that optimism. This always makes me smile, but being so positive is not always really good, because it is like I’m living in my own world and reality can hit me badly any time. I’m aware of that, but I can’t change the way I am.

We should all be positive. Even if we’re dying inside, we should all have that mysterious smile on our faces. Easy to say and hard to do.. I know, but I also know that nothing is impossible. 😉


“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

– Winston Churchill


3 thoughts on “Am I optimistic? Oh, yes I am.

  1. Love this topic. I think it comes down to ease, simplicity, and satisfaction. We’ve honestly forgot what it’s like to be selfless. We’ve been taught to do things that rewards ourselves. Things that please or make us happy. We’re not suppose to be this way. The Bible describes how we’re suppose to serve others and not be selfish, but completely selfless. For most people, doing nothing suffices. Watching tv or just sitting and not being productive. This is a vicious cycle, a slippery slope. Doing nothing is easy. It’s simple and people get satisfaction out of not serving others, pleasing others, being there for others, mentoring others, or fellowshipping with others. Because it takes effort, time, and dedication. It takes giving up a part of you to share with others. Most don’t like this. As a result, they begin to sulk and feel down because they don’t have this support system around them. And it comes down to putting yourself out there. It’s kind of a hypocritical position on their parts. They don’t want to put in the effort, but they’re screaming for help, literally or on the inside. Today, I actually told my parents, whom were visiting for the weekend, “it’s a great day to be alive.” Shouldn’t we be saying this every day? Each morning God gives us the strength to even awake should be a blessing and seen as a brand new opportunity to touch someone’s life. Seen as a chance to redefine who you are. Being positive and encouraging is a gift. God has given you this ability to encourage and motivate others around you. You will be the person to catch people when they fall.

  2. Every day is a great day to be alive! We should all thank God every morning for still waking up and every night for still being able to go to sleep. Thank you for the beautiful words. It means a lot! Also thanks for reading my posts.

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