Gender differences – celebrate don’t obliterate

To some extent it is true, but we, as women were ‘taught’ in a way to ‘fight’ for what we want and it all started from the days when all women could do was have kids, cook and clean.

Lipstick Rhetoric

We hear so much these days about equality that sometimes I fear we are trying to homogenise society. I am absolutely all for maintaining the hard-fought women’s right to work and vote but the idea of the sexes being absolutely equal does not sit well with  me. Like it or not there are differences and I don’t see any reason to try to pretend there aren’t.

There has been much debate about women joining police forces, armed forces and having the right to fight. I have no objection to this as long as those women can meet the physical requirements of the job. Concessions should not be made. I have a friend who has been a long serving police officer, he joined the force when there were still height requirements that meant women could not be admitted. Ask him how he feels about having a 5ft female partner who in…

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