A story about my family and I [5]

I know I probably mentioned just some of them in separate blogs, but that doesn’t mean anything major, it’s just that they may a bit, a tiny bit more special.. but no worries! I know the posts are numbered, but that honestly, does not mean anything because I can’t put those 4 people in a rank, because that’s just impossible.


Step-dad and sister.
Step-dad and my lovely sister.
Don't we look great?

One very important person to me was my step-dad.. the step-dad whom I call ‘dad’ because he surely treated me as his own daughter and I’m very happy because of this. There are not many ‘successful’ stories about step-parents and step-children and they usually don’t get along, but my step-father and I? God. It’s like we’re made for each other; we’re so alike and we always gang up against my mum. We fought, we made up, but I do that with mum and dad, even if they are my real parents and there’s no problem. I may have been disrespectful and he may have been mean to me, but we should always get over things, right?

My beautiful grandmother.
Great grandma.
Great grandmother and my sis.

My family from my mother side also taught me many things, from my little cousins, to my uncle, aunts and my grandparents. They all taught me something. My grandfather taught me that I should always argue my point of view in a good way and God, I’m as talkative as he is.

Alexia, cousin.
My cousin, Alexia.

My grandmother taught me that I should always care about everyone, but I shouldn’t do it as much as she does it because she often forgets about herself and she also did a lot for me, plus she’s an amazing cook. Her food? YUMMY. My uncle taught me.. not much (haha) but he surely was there for me when I needed him. And although I have two cousins from him, from two different marriages, I only get to see one of them and she is Alexia. So she always sticks to me and goes with me everywhere. She’s such a cutie and she will be one beautiful lady when she grows up.

Catalin and me.
Uncle Catalin and I.. years ago. OH! And my old dog, Pongo.

My family from my dad’s side were always there for me. My grandfather, may his soul RIP taught me many things and I’ve mentioned them in that post dedicated to him. My grandmother always tried her best to understand me and despite all the differences between us she did a great job and she always knew how to play around with me when I was young, while we read newspapers and watch the news now. My uncles, don’t I just love them both?

Uncle Radu and our beers.
Aunty Anca.

They were both making fun of me, which can get really irritating  sometimes, but I know they love me. Catalin wasn’t there much, or at least not so much when I grew older because he was with the cousins who carries my name.

Cousin Cristi Alexandru.

Yes, I love him more just because of that. His step daughter and I however, had and still have a very strong friendship because we were always next to each other and we would see each other every weekend and talk about the good and bad things in our lives. But Radu.. Radu? We get along so well, especially when there’s a beer in between.

Cousin Stefan.
Cousin Stefan and I.
Cousin Stefan and I.

Guess what I did? I predicted his marriage to Anca. I really respect this woman, she studied medicine, got her degree and had my first cousin whom I adore because he’s such a sweetheart. Despite the fact that she had a child, she continued her studies. This is great and this is what every woman should do and I appreciate her for that. I have a new baby cousin from her and although I have never seen the beautiful baby girl, I will surely play with her a lot when I’ll get to hold her in my arms.

Claudia si tati.
Daddy and his love, Mi. :p

My dad’s girlfriend. Another strong woman. Why do I have so many strong and powerful women in my life? She went through a lot. How do I know? We had our girly talks too. She’s an amazing person and she treated me so well, so I’m really thankful for this. However, this is not the only good thing about her, she also has a great son. He’s the funniest boy I’ve seen and we can just have our weird talks without anyone understanding us.

There are also my nanny and her husband who took care of me as if I was their own child. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures with them, because although they love taking pics, they never let me take any, just them. She, my second mother is amazing. She’s a great cook too and I LOVE her food. They both advised me wisely about life in general and I will never forget the lessons I’ve learnt from them. I love them both so much and they will always be my parents in a way.

Friends? I have many. Too many. Close friends? Not as many and I’m thankful for this, because I’d rather have a close group and I know we can trust each other, than be so many and there’s no trust.

If I may remind the reader that the way in which I wrote everything is not really an order. All these people are very important to me and I love them in a way or another.

Cinnamon and I.
Sinem and I in Antalya.
7ijabi and I.
Mariam and I.

My cinnamon is my Turkish sister from a completely different family whom I love. Although before we were waaay closer than now and we were always together, we still talk about everything whenever we get the chance. She was always there for me, as I hope I was there for her too. Mariam Kh… something something, God, her family name is hard. Shortcut: 7ijabi. Okay. Her? She’s my doctor in everything. We never fought? Only once when I gave her one of the biggest lectures ever, but other than that never and although she’s all the way in the UK we try to always keep in touch.

BBQ Romanian style yo`.
Dina, Me, Anushka and Sofia.

My school girlies, Sofi, Anushka, Sara and Dina, they’re  the closest, although I have many other friends. We’ve done the craziest things together and I’m glad to have them as friends, as well as Ali, my best friend. I’ve known him for about 5-6 years and we argued only twice and it was never for a good reason.

Beautiful Asma.

However, I must not forget Asma. Until she passed away, we were always together. We would either be over my place or over hers until she was gone. I miss her, but I do feel her next to me at times, so may her soul RIP. My friends in Romania? Many and most of them are childhood friends and I grew up with them, so we all have learnt many things from each other along the years. Luisa.. an amazing person with whom I spent a lot of times before I left to Kuwait and she left to the UK. We still stayed close and every time we visit Romania we meet up. And last but not least Nicoleta, Maria and Andreea. Argued many times, stayed mad at each other for a while, but no matter what, we’re childhood friends, right? We can’t stay negative and upset the whole time.

Nicoleta and I.
Nicoleta and I at the zoo.
Luisa and I.
Luisa and I.

All these people supported me so much and they were always there for me, therefore I want to thank them for this.

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “A story about my family and I [5]

  1. Wow. A post dedicated to your entire family and friends? Very honorable and they all sound like wonderful people. I think the person that really stuck out, even though you didn’t write too much was your grandmother. How she tends to forget about herself and worries more about others. This is such an amazing quality. Which must be a common theme all grandmas possess. At what point do you get this reputation as being selfless? Can’t we all just jump the gun on grandparenting and just all become selfless right now? I know one thing for sure, if the world lived like your grandmother, the would would be a better place. Thanks for sharing about your family.

  2. I feared I haven’t wrote enough about them, or I may have missed an important person, but even if I did, they know how much they mean to me anyway. Yes, my grandmother is an amazing person and she’s so caring. Although at time she can be TOO caring. But yes, as you said the world would surely be a better place if we were all like her. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. Well thats the good thing about family. Yes, we could all write novels about each and every one of them, but the unique stories and personal connection you have between them is so much more special than just the few descriptive lines you’ve written about them. And it doesn’t matter because they will still love you either way.

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