A story about my family and I [4]

For the past year or so, one of my old, close friends had become one of the very important people in my life.

      Despite stupid arguments and fights, he was there for me whenever I needed him. He always tried to make me laugh and forget about the bad times and although sometimes it didn’t work and it would get angry.. he was always patient and never let me down.

We laughed together, cried together, watched movies together, played music together, partied together, had serious moments together, walked together, went out together, ran together, stayed inside the house together.. we did everything together!

I can go to him when I’m happy, because he will make me happier and I can go to him when I’m sad, because I know he will make me smile no matter what. I love him and I’m thankful for everything he has done for me.. and still is doing. I’m not just saying this because he’s part of my life now, but that is the truth.

I hope we will always be in each other’s hearts and if something bad happens *knocks in wood*, he will surely always be in my heart because he meant, means and will always mean a lot to me.

Once again, thank you God. 


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