A story about my family and I [3]

I have only one sibling.. my one and only sister and although others may call her a ‘step-sister’, I don’t see her that way. She’s my sister, fully, 100% with all her good and bad things.. and I mean, come on, who wouldn’t love a 2 years old girl? My angel.

You may find it weird, but she taught me many things. Maybe not voluntary, but she surely did. She taught me that life is a great thing. She taught me that no matter what, from a little bruise on the knee, to a major problem, I.. we, should always smile. Nothing is worth being upset about. Nothing is worth it, not even when you hit yourself, whether you literally hit yourself or you hit yourself against an issue.

Every time I look at her, I tear up. Why? Because I see her. I see her so innocent and I wish I could go back in time, when I was at her age. Why? Because at her age everything is so easy. Because at her age all I could do is eat, play sleep.. eat, play, sleep and the whole cycle over and over again.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to go in time? It surely would be. But when I see her, the child inside me smiles, the child inside me gets happy. Yes, she’s only 2 years and half, but she’s my other half. She’s my sister. She’s the one who will stick with me always because we have the same blood.. because no matter what, no one and nothing can break our connection.baby sis.

And although I never wanted to have siblings and I may still have times when I get jealous from her, I must thank God for this. Because in her, I will always find that someone to whom I can go and cry to when I need someone, or with whom I can share my happiness.

I love my baby sister and I’m sure that after years she will read this blog post and she will realise how much I love her and what she means to me.


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