A story about my family and I [1]

Being raised in a family where the father is a History teacher and the mother is doctor is not easy.  Let me start talking about my mother and what I’m going to say it’s not because she’s my mother and because we share the same blood, but because it’s the truth.

This woman, Oh God, I wish I was like her. It’s unbelievable how strong she can be. She went through so many things to get to the top, because yes, she is at the top. She reached her goals and she is reminding me every day how important it is to not depend on anyone, to know that you can make it through no matter what. My mother made me understand how important your career is and that I should not give it up.

Due to her and the things I have read, I realized there will be one point in your life when you will be alone, when all the loved ones will either be gone or away and you’ll only have your education. In that moment you will see how important studying is. To be honest, I love it. When I study or read, I feel so much better. I immediately forget about my problems and the thoughts that bother me.

I wanted to say teenagers, but I thought about it and it is not only us, so I chose a better start of a sentence. EVERYONE these days gets satisfaction from different things and most of them are not important, but I get satisfaction from studying. I love learning new things and because of that, many friends say I have no life. They are right, I may not have a life now, but I know for a fact that I will have one when I will be done with university and I’ll take the biggest step in someone’s life… the career.

On the other hand, the ones who have fun now, who don’t care about studies and think wasting time is OK, probably have a life now, but I can bet they will not have one… unless they marry someone very rich and even then, to be able to meet someone like that, you must have a good education.

However, some appreciate the time I’m spending studying and listen to my crazy ideas and also like them. Wow, I never thought someone would like what I think.  My mother, God bless her, has been here for me always, even if sometimes she was too tired to listen to me. Everything I have done until now is because of her and others.. (you’ll meet them later) and I will never be able to thank her for all that.

Thank you God for giving me the best mother ever.


2 thoughts on “A story about my family and I [1]

  1. te iubeste mama mult si intotdeauna voi fii alaturi de tine…..dar trebuie sa stii ca cel mai important in viata este familia…..mai important decat cariera…..iar familia, daca ti-ai ales-o bine poate fii alaturi de tine mai departe….cand poate eu nu voi mai fii…….Cariera este importanta ptr inedependenta pe care ti-o poate oferii, o poti pune pe primul loc numai pana iti intemeiezi o familie….dar nu o pune niciodata inainte de familia ta…..dupa ce o vei avea……..
    te iubeste mama mult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Foarte mult!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Si eu te iubesc mami mult si iti multumesc pentru tot. Te rog sa nu vorbim de ‘cand tu nu vei mai fii’ ca nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc. Eu acum ma concentrez foarte mult la cariera si dup’aia mai vedem. Oricum nu sunt sigura ce vreau.
      Si eu te iubesc mult, foarte mult. Si sa nu ma incepi sa jelesti cand vi acasa ca te bat! ♥

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