It’s a shame that they’re destroying such a beautiful country. And when I say ‘they’ I mean, all starting from Assad, the US and to the rest of the countries.

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Looking back.

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2 thoughts on “Syria

  1. some one else talking about Syria instead of Syrian people..your commment another destroying things .Stop this cliche abut al-Assad and the rest of country…we are just tired of those shit

    1. You know what’s funny? How blind you can be. It’s not only about Assad. It’s about everyone. I’m not Syrian, but I’ve lived in the Middle East for quite a while and even if I’m not an expert, I could say that I know some stuff about what’s going on. Keeping in mind that I’m studying about this. 😉 so please, don’t come and comment that kind of stuff. The whole post has no point to talk about Syria and what’s going on. It just shows Syria from before, because as I said when I reblogged it, it is shame.. because that country was one of the most beautiful on Earth and now it’s getting destroyed. So before sending hate comments, because yes, I see it as a hate comment, read carefully and educate yourself.

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