Obsession over a song?

It often happens to me to develop an obsession over a song and then I listen to it over and over and over again. You listen to it day and night.. you make your family and friends listen to it. Then they became obsessed with that song too. And all you talk about is that same song.. only. No other subject. Just that song.. the song you became obsessed with.

Is the song worth making it your obsession? The song I made an obsession for it surely is. It’s one of those Spanish, emotional songs. Part of it match with what I feel, or what I’m going through and even if it didn’t, the words, the way it sounds.. all these are just amazing. So why not have an obsession over it?

I know why. Because by listening to it hundred, thousand, million, billion…. zillion times, I will then hate it.

What I have to do? Try to control and not listen to it.

Isn’t it amazing? Even if some of you may not understand it, you surely feel it..

Does this happen to you too? Over what songs?


Ps. This was dedicated to my boyfriend.


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