Have you ever felt this way?

Ok, so I feel this weird thing..

I’m bored of myself. I’m bored of everything that has to do with me. I’m bored of what I do. I’


m bored of what I say. I’m just truly and completely bored of myself.

Not always though. I have my moments.. just like this one, right now.

 I mean, it surely is very weird, because how on Earth can someone be bored of themselves?

But I guess you can. I guess everything is possible after all.

I don’t even know what it is. Is it bad? Or not? Whatever it is, I hope it ends soon, because I just can’t get up from the chair and do something productive. I just feel like sticking my face in the laptop and waste time, but NO NO. I can’t afford to waste time. I have too much to study.

I wonder, have you, the one who’s reading this, right now, ever felt this way?


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