My idea of the perfect president…

I think this imaginary person would totally be the perfect president.


The President who does not receive any salary or bonus,  who thinks his job as an honorable service and a patriotic duty .

He doesn’t belong to any party, he is the hybrid of both parties. He turns bills in to law as long as it represents the will of the majority, yet he makes sure the rights of the minority are protected.

He doesn’t worry about if the mic is on or off, every day is an open mic moment. He does not worry about where he is. Either backstage or front stage, he speaks the Voice of the people, who elected him.

He is the master of economics, he understands the free enterprise and he never let imports goods if he can find plenty of within the country (for example oil). He encourages exports more than he discourages imports.

He values the civility and transparency,He does not tell…

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