What people think about me?! [1]

I think it’s important to see every person who comes and leaves your life, as a teacher, a teacher who will help you learn new things.

There are three kinds of people who I always seem to meet.

However there are only two kinds I will talk about, because the third one is more like, normal people, who don’t judge you from the first day and don’t care what people say.

There are the people who think I’m the innocent type and the geeky girl who doesn’t know how to have fun, because most of the time I’m studying. I mean, I’m always studying and I’m not ashamed of saying it.. no no, not at all. They see me as a boring person and try to avoid me, but as soon as they get to know me, their opinion changes completely.

On the other side, some people think I’m the party freak, who doesn’t care about anything and anyone, which is very wrong. I’m probably the one who cares the most about my friends, about my family then about my own self. I would do anything to see my family healthy and happy, but I would also do anything to reach my goals. Yes, okay, I love having fun and I mean, who doesn’t? But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about anything else.

Whoever said* ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ was very, but very right!


* I do know it’s an American proverb and although I’ve googled it a couple of times I never found out who actually said it.


2 thoughts on “What people think about me?! [1]

  1. In 1946 the phrase first appeared in the murder mystery novel Murder in the Glass Room (by Edwin Rolfe and Lester Fuller) as “you can never tell a book by its cover.”
    It started as “you could not judge a book by the binding”
    I saw it in google ,America google it lot better hhaaa……

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