Us women.. *sigh*

That time of the month..

Don’t we all hate it?

Our tummies and backs hurt. We’re emotional. We’re craving stuff.

And how can I forget about pimples? They are surely the worst from the whole thing. Every time we look in the mirror we see those big red/white things all over our face. It’s just EW. I must thank God for not having too many, I usually get two, or three, but the ones who get their face covered? Omg. I feel so bad for them.

Tummy ache? What can you do about it. You just take pain killers over pain killers. All types of them, as much as you can. Does the pain go away? NO! Why don’t you just go away? Why? Why? We don’t like you. We don’t want you. Just go away! Oh and you, back pain as well. Why can’t we move without having any pain.

All we want to do is lay down in bed, watch TV and eat. Isn’t it true? But do we do it? No. Because we’re women. Because we know that if we do so, we’ll gain weight. Because we have many other things on our mind, which may be way more important. However, can we fully concentrate on them? No.. again. Why? Because of the pains, of course.

With the cravings, we can work on it. We’re used to craving stuff and not eating it because we take care of our looks. But why? Why do we always have to care? Why can’t we be just like guys.. eat whatever, whenever without any bad result? Ah.

A girl's dream

Yes, that is surely what we want. To find the perfect guy too, but eat witout getting fact? OH MY GOOD, perfect!


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