Self Esteem

This surely happens always.

Lipstick Rhetoric

ImageI find it very disturbing to read articles about young girls who have self esteem issues and are concerned that they are not pretty enough, or think they are ugly or fat.

 It seems that these issues are affecting younger and younger girls all the time.

 As mothers, grandmothers and aunties we are responsible for the attitudes and behaviours that are copied and imitated by the children in our lives.  Children are like little sponges and mirror the behaviour they see around them.

 I clearly remember as a child of 8 or 9 when my mother stopped buying butter in favour of margarine, stopped baking for us and excluded desserts from the family menu because she was on a diet.

 Coincidently (or not) it was around this time that I started to think I was a bit ‘chunky’ and was embarrassed by how I looked.  Certainly my teen years were…

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