21st March, Mother’s Day; Kuwait

How was Mother’s Day?

One word: PERFECT.


Besides having a great day school wise and with mi love, the first thing I did as I came home was get my sister and draw something for mum. I let her outline everything, then I went over in colour and wrote a nice poem. For the past years it was only me who’d give her gifts, but now, I need to take care of my baby angel as well, so she had to take part in the gift-making.

Lil Maria went to bed. What did I do?

Googled mummy’s favourite DISH!!! Isn’t that so amazing? I know. Googled the sweet ‘n sour shrimp recipe. It’s the first time I make it without any help, so getting the ingredients ready was suuuuch a hard thing to do. Found out I didn’t have ginger, pepper and some other stuff, therefore I had to improvise. Thank God I was able to do that, right?

But wait. I was about to kill myself when I realised we didn’t have any more shrimps, so ended up making sweet ‘n sour FISH! I wasn’t too sure whether I could use the same recipe for that, but I gave it a try and I must say OMAGAD. When it was in the pan getting cooked, I thought I’d faint from the great smell.. it was just so yummy..

Had to wait.. a bit more and I must say that’s the hardest part because you have nothing to do, so all you do is stare at the clock and hope for the time to pass by faster.

DONE! THE FOOD IS DONE AND GOD, IT SMELLS & LOOKS AMAZING. Can’t try it though.. gotta wait for mum. So what amI gonna do?

You must know by know. I’m gonna study, of course.

Tick.. tack.. tick.. tack..

.. and mum’s here. She feels there’s something going on, but I can’t reveal my secret until dad’s here and sister wakes up. Can they both be ready already? I’m getting nervous. Funny how dad came home at the same time Maria woke up.. now I can finally surprise the woman I love the most.

Although she expected it, she was happy and very surprised and loved the food. It was shared to all members of the family and I must say we’re a lot.. 6 people and 3 pets. Whoa!

Dad and sister went out. Mum and I stayed home. We surely needed that time together and alone.

She was cooking and I was studying. I’m happy that she finally saw me study and HOW much I study, so from now on I doubt she’ll nag about that, because she knows I always give my best when it comes to studies. :p

We talked..  we were gossiping as well.. it was just great.


I love mama so much. I mean, we all love our mothers, but the thing mum and I have is special. We have a very strong connection as I have mentioned in other posts. Whatever I feel, she feels and whatever she feels, I feel. She just deserves all the best and I pray to God that He will keep me healthy to give her that. I love my mother and I want to apologise for all the bad things I’ve done.. because I know I have.


Happy Mother’s Day. My mother’s day is everyday.


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