My mood according to weather.. [2]

Dusty.. again.

Moody? Yes, a bit.

Classes started late, so woke up late.. but guess what?

Ministry of Education: Students from private schools and government schools, from private universities and government universities have been officially exempt from their classes due to the harsh conditions of the weather.

I mean, what’s better than this? Woke up to these news and I was like ‘damn, today’s gotta be good!’

However, had an argument.. not with mum, someone else. Pff. Hate it. Hate arguments.

Talking about mum, we made up with mummy. She came in my room when I was supposed to sleep and we talked about what happened. We ended up crying and hugging each other.. ah, I love her so much. Like really, yesterday I was crying the whole day because we didn’t sit together at all and she just sat with my stepdad and my sister. Not cool, huh? Anyway..

So dusty outside. It’s unbelievable. The weather makes you so negative, emotional..

What can I do today?

I know what.. STUDY. Oh yes, the best thing in this world.

I mean, come on! Isn’t studying amazing? And reading? The best thing to do in general and especially when there is this kind of weather..

May this day get better and the weather be better ’cause I hate this.

*after about 4 hours*

Whoa, sun is up! Good mood, I just wanna dance. I really can’t wait until summer. It’s gonna be so good.. dresses, shorts, sandals, sun-glasses, good music, beaches, tanning.. ahh, I love summer.

The past 2 summers have been great and I think this coming one will be too, keeping in mind that after it I’m starting university. Woop woop! I’m really excited and I’m looking forward to having a great time, before drowning between different Political, Historical and Philosophical books. Ah, bless.

It’s unbelievable how someone’s mood can change so fast, especially mine because I have to admit my mood changes so fast, to the point where if you don’t know me well enough, you won’t even realise what mood I am in. I mean, I could be smiling and I could inside dying and vice-versa. That’s why someone needs to know me well, to know what I feel, or at least have an idea of it.

Anyway, enough with ‘talking’ so much. How about studying a big more? Sure! Great!


The sun is starting to set. I’m bored, very bored. I’d just write, but I don’t know what to write about. Been studying and reading until now, so I’m very proud of myself, but there’s still that ‘I’m bored -___-‘ feeling. I have no idea what to do anymore. Studied for everything I could and now I just came back to my laptop.

Today started a bit bad, continued well.. and I hope it ends even better.

God bless us all, because we need it.


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