Dreams, goals and stuff like that

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

Bo Jackson


Thanks to God, I quite know what I want from life. Thanks to God I have tave my goals set already and last but not least, thanks to God I have the abilities to reach them.

It may sound weird from a person at my age to know exactly what I want to do in my life, but I do. I want to have a great career because both my parents have it and I want to be the same and why not better. I want to be independent professionally and be successful. Both my parents are so ambitions and I’m working hard enough to be like them because it may feel pretty good to get everything with your own efforts.

That’s what I want.

Of course, I want other things too such as a good private life and stuff, but before that comes, my studies are very important. because of two reaons. No one would be with an uneducated person and last, but the most important reasons is that myself, I’d do anything to reach my goals because I want my parents to be proud of me.

They both gave me their best and they still do so and I know they will always try to do so, but now it’s coming my time to give them my best and make them happy, even more than I hope I do already.


So I want to thank God for everything, for my parents, for my education, for the gift of knowing what I want from my life and for the abilities of getting what I want.

Thank you God. I’ll always be thankful to you and I will never take you out of my mind.


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