Weird dreams? What do they mean?

So I haven’t been having a really good week and I’m been getting really, but really weird dreams. I wouldn’t mind them, as long as they wouldn’t affect me, but they do. They really affect my whole day and I’ve been feeling quite sensitive and insecure since then.

What do they mean? Is it like a sign from God.. or anyone? Anything?

Don’t call me crazy. I do believe in signs and that stuff. I really do, because many of my dreams came true without expecting it and only after a while I realised that ‘oh, I kinda dreamt of this?’

Is this one of those times again? Although I sleep really well at night, I literally have 8 hours of great sleep each night I keep waking up so tired! I don’t know whether that’s physically or not, but it surely is mentally. I wake up with a heavy head, feeling like I’ve been studying, reading or whatever for hours and hours..

Another weird thing is that I always have two dreams or like double dream. The first thing it’s family related and different relations within it and it is not good. Everything about that dream is so negative, black ‘n white, whereas the second part is related to education and career and it’s very positive. On one side I fight with every person I love and on the other I become very successful. This is weird, because this really confuses me. It’s just like what the hell is it mean? I’m curious. I wanna know more. Kept googling about it, asked my mum, asked friends and no one seems to know. All my mother said is that I’m under a lot of pressure with my studies and I’m not spending much time with my family and that’s why I get them, but there’s that feeling that tells me there’s more than just this.

I mean why would I dream only this for the past week? It doesn’t make sense


I really hope it’s a good thing though, because they quite freak me out..

PS. I’m going to start writing about my dreams and no, not here, in a notebook. I really need to know what’s going on!!


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