Is it still a school.. or a zoo?

Problems with the rules in GES. Nothing new. We, as students kinda got used to it, or at least I did, so I couldn’t really care less about them anymore because I’m also leaving for university anyway. Plus it’s nothing new, because other school have them too.. it’s something normal.

However, this time the limits were crossed. You can say that a war between the girls in the school and the heads of the school began. The limits were crossed by both sides.

I believe that as students of the school, who after all spend most of their life in that school have the right of being part of the discussions and being part of the decision-making body. This is because WE are the ones who get affected by the changes, unlike the teachers and the heads of the school who are not that affected. I mean, they may be, but not as much as we are.

This whole thing about girls going to the gym instead of going to the yard as has been happening for the past 5 years, in my opinion is not fair at all. No one has ever complained about the heat, lack of space or lack of activities. No one has ever said anything bad about it. Why? Because we don’t care! Apparently the reason for what’s happening is that by going to the gym we’re provided with more sport activities. Well, I’m sorry, but I honetly don’t think anyone cares about that or at least wants that. After being in a class for so long and after studing and doing work, I doubt people would wanna exercise. All they want is to sit down on a bench with their friends, relax and breath fresh air. I don’t know how much of Kuwait’s air is fresh, but at least it’s better than the AC from the gym. It is not healthy to be kept in the gym during break. We would be ‘locked’ inside from 7.30 to 2.15. Would you like that? No. It is a violation to human rights.

As I have said before, this doesn’t really affect me because I’m leaving anyway, but the outcome of this affects me. I have to spend every morning filling up papers with questions that again go against us, against the students and make the others look like victims. This happens during the time I’m supposed to go to my lesson and study before my exams. Do I deserve this? No.

The heads and the teachers don’t deserve what has been happening either and I’m totally against the girls’ attitude. Yes, I support protesting because it’s our right, as humans and is part of the whole process of democracy. However, they did not do it well. You can’t just scream and offend people and expect them to do what you want. The girls did not approach the heads well. They should have had a quiet protest with one, two, three.. ten leaders talk to them. They should have been polite and they should have respected everyone else if they wanted respect to be given to them. By ruining the gym and burning the garbage cans in the bathrooms made them look like uneducated people and it made the school look like a zoo. THINK! BE WISE! All those things don’t affect the girls only! They affect the WHOLE school! They affect me, you (as in you, the reader), the teachers, the director and other heads and last, but maybe more importantly they affect the cleaning staff! Those poor women have to clean after you.. why? Because you don’t know how to behave?

You may think I’m against you. You’re right, I am. But I’m against the way the heads have done their job too. Both parts are wrong.

You can’t expect the students agree with what you say out of nowhere. Maybe.. if you talked to us, if you consulted us over what you wanted to do, over what you’re planning to do it would have been different. But no. The decision was taken. Why? Don’t we have the right to know why? Yes, I know we have responsabilities, but as students of GES don’t we have the right to know the truth? Don’t our parents, the ones who pay over 3000 KD have the right to know the truth?

I think they do.

I’m writing all this because I love GES. I love this school and its’ teachers and students, so what I’m trying to do here is find a solution for this because it can’t continue. It’s already out of control and if it stays this way even more it will become a complete chaos.

By the way, I really don’t like to be sent downstairs to buy food. I mean seriously, I’m not gonna do anything unappropriate with anyone while standing in the line to buy something. I don’t like to be treated like an animal for things other people do. And I surely wouldn’t like to be pushed around by teachers like it happened to other girls.

I know this is a hard time for everyone, but what we need is communication and that’s one of the things that’s not happening. We don’t need forms to fill in. We need to talk to eachother, because the only way the school, or anything else can work is by having the ones taking part, working there, studying there TALK to each other.

Personally, I think that the best thing that could happen now is for this circus to end because I’m having my AS and A2’s exams in about 2 months and I’m more concerned about that, than anything else. Why can’t we just go back to normal? Everyone has their break the way they want.. in the yard, with the cantine opened and their friends around. It is fair and it won’t upset anyone. As for the girls, there should be an assembly or something.. only with the girls, to talk about what happened and they should apologise because they didn’t act well either.

PS. The whole school should not suffer because of a student, two, three..


2 thoughts on “Is it still a school.. or a zoo?

  1. Your biggest argument should be that herding 100+ students in a gym is against the fire department’s regulations. In case of an emergency it will be very difficult to evacuate the building from the basement.

    All the best in your exams!

    1. That is indeed a very good argument. To be honest, I never thought of that, but it’s true. What if the fire thing that happened today happens again? Students will get surely get scared and who knows, God forbid something worse happens?

      Thanks, it means a lot!

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