Why are we so ignorant?

It is true, we, humans are very ignorant and it’s unbelievable how badly this is increasing. We tend to believe everything mass media tells us to believe, or anything any person tells us to believe. This may be the case even if sometimes we are aware of the fact that ‘they’ are there to brainwash us, instead of being there to do us any good.

We can’t stop this. No one will ever be able to do it. However, we can prevent it.

People nowadays just don’t read anymore.. they don’t search for answers.. they are just expecting everything to come to them. It may be easy, but it surely isn’t right.

We should start participating more, we should start paying more attention to what happened in the past, to history, we should start giving more importance to all the things that are happening around the world.. in all its corners, because it is all like a cycle. History repeats itself, everywhere at any time.

You may not know when it hits you, but it does. And it will hit you hard. Reality will hit you hard and you may not like it, because you’re not gonna be in that bubble you’ve been until then.

Why can’t we wake up? Why can’t we open our eyes wide and see that THEY, whoever they are.. THEY try to take control of our brains. They may be in control of the money and all those services you benefit from, but they will NEVER be in control of your brain unless you allow them to do so.

People may steal what you do, but they will never steal what you think, because only YOU know what you’re thinking about.

So let’s stop being ignorant? All of us? Please?

If we all do so, then we might see a change in our lifetime..


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