No title. Or maybe yes?

4 months..


4 months and I’ll be leaving the most important years of my life behind and I’ll start a new phase of it. I will be in a very difficult position. I will be divided into two.. I will be devided into two worlds.. into two worlds, both with a very special meaning to me.

It scares me the thought that maybe one person from whichever world, may forget about me, or if not forget about me, then get a cooler connection between us.

Sometimes I feel like no one really needs me.. like they will all be just fine without me. I know it may be stupid and that it is not, or at least I hope it is not the truth.. that’s how I feel in my depressed moments. Yes, I get depressed too. Surprisingly enough, but I do.No, I’m not the new Iron Lady.. although I have times when I wish I was..

Getting back to those 4 months I started this blog entry with.. it’s scary. Very scary! How is it gonna be like? What am I gonna do? Am I gonna have friends? Will I be that lonely person who doesn’t talk to anyone? Will I get along with the people? Will I? Will I not. Where will I go? Where will I not. What will I do? What will I not. A lot of questions.. simple, complicated.. different kinds.

I’m scared and I believe it is normal.

And as my father told me.. it is okay to be scared at the beginning, if you start learning from that fear, so I pray to God I will learn the right lesson, for it is a very essential.

And as my mother also told me.. it is okay to be scared, because strong people always get scared and don’t hide their feelings..


so.. yeeeeh, bring it on! I can do it!


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