Goodbye 2011..

Now that 2011 is almost over I want to thank God for another great year.

Many things happened.. lost friends for different reasons.. lost family members.. gained friends.. gained family members too.. lost things and gained things as well.

There was a variety of things happening this year and although some may have seemed hard and tough, I am proud to say that I have learned a lot of lessons out of them. The good things made me happy, just because they were good and the bad ones made me happy because they gave me experience.

I have achieved most of my 2011 resolutions and if I didn’t I will surely add them to my list for 2012. One thing I know for sure, I will be adding ‘live your life at the fullest’ ever year, because that’s the most important thing someone should do.

2011 was a very important to me, because I’ve taken important decisions and I’ve realized a lot of things. I truly believe 2012 will be as great as this year was, but I still want to hope for the best, because it is never bad to have something better.

2011 was my last full year inKuwait, then I’m off to university. However, I will be coming back after that. By writing this I can assure some people that NO, I will not forget them and YES, I am coming back. No need to doubt my words, because when I say something, then I do it. For some reason, I feel home when I am here, so I will surely come back no matter what.

2011 showed me who’s lying and who’s not.

2011 made me see my real friends and I must say that sadly I realized they are not many.

2011 made me more mature.

2011 made me stronger.

2011 made me realize a lot of things.

2011 made me think of my future and also plan it as much as possible.

2011 taught m a lot of great lessons.

2011 is unforgettable.

How is 2012 going to be?

I’m pretty excited about it and I really hope it will be as good as 2011, if not better.

.. so thank you God for everything and please take care of me and protect me from now on too.


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