What is happiness?

What is happiness?

What does it mean to be truly happy?

I believe, it’s a different feeling from person to person, but I know what it is to me.

Happiness is when you wake up smilling, knowing there is a reason for you to be alive.. Happiness is going on through the day doing what you like, with the people you like.. and even if you don’t do what you like, at least be positive about it. Happiness is when you go to bed, HAPPY in all the possible ways.. when you go to bed smilling, knowing you achieved your task, the reason why you are alive.

To be truly happy is to be truly positive.. is to know that in the end, things always get better and if they didn’t get terbet, then it’s not the end.

Happiness.. to be truly happy is to ignore all the bad things that happen to you once, twice, three times, because you know that tomorrow WILL be a better day.


Thank God for every day He gives you, because you never know when you will be taken away. If you have a bad day, thank Him for teaching you a lesson.. thank Him for guiding you.. for supporting you to go through it.. for protecting you from worse things. If you have a good day, thank Him. Thank Him for everything, because He is the reason why you are here right now.. why you are able to read what I wrote.


God bless you!


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