Have you ever?

Have you ever felt like everything was going bad, like you didn’t wanna do anything.. just lay in bed, listen music and not talk to anyone? Have you ever felt like people are changing on you.. have you ever felt like people scream and shout at you for no reason? Have you ever felt like they give you attitude for nothing?

Without them knowing they make you feel so worthless.. like you’re nothing.. like you’re unimportant.

Don’t you hate this feeling?

Have you ever felt so weak in front of someone? Have you ever felt like saying so many things but when that someone opens their mouth, you just melt and forget everything you wanted to say?

Although you’re a strong person and confident, they make you so confused.. they make you queston yourself..

I’ve experienced this quite a lot and it bothers me because I know I’m not weak, I know I am strong, but I just can’t help it.. the feeling gets to me.

I hate it when someone screams.. when someone shouts.. when someone gives me attitude.. especially when I didn’t do anything and they don’t have a reason for all that. It makes my blood boil inside me and I feel like exploding, but I always keep it in.. and I keep it in.. and I keep it in even more, until I reach the limit and I go crazy.

No one knows when that happens.. no one sees me when that happens and you surely don’t want to see me because it’s scary.

I hate it when I feel that someone is changing on me, because I become so insecure. I keep thinking of the worst case-senario.. I over-think.. I over-react. I just over-do things..


… and I keep thinking, I can’t stop my brain, I just can’t…


But after all, life is good.. life is a gift and I’m thankful for it! 🙂


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