People change and things go wrong, but always remember, life goes on.

People nowadays change a lot and I’m telling you this from my own experience. They don’t value the same things anymore and they do the opposite of what they tell you. They will envy you and will try to bring you down in all the ways possible.

I mean, come on.. how many people told you they weren’t gonna ever leave you and in a couple of months they did it? And let’s not talk about emtional/personal/sentimental things. How many people told you they will make it to.. your presentation, birthday, bla bla, anything and they didn’t?

Why do some people don’t value love and real feelings as much as before? No, it’s not because of social changes and that kind of crap. It’s because they’re blind. They think those things will always be there, but they don’t realize that it’s not true. That is just in fairytales.. and not even there. Don’t expect a person to always stick with you even though you fuck them over. Don’t expect a person to still stick with you after lying to them.

Or why the hell are some so ‘lovey-dovey’ in public? I mean.. it’s cute, once, twice.. but enough? Ok, you love each other, but isn’t a relationship supposed to be between two people? Why inolve everyone else? If you post up stuff once a month, twice a month is ok, but every day? It bores me. What about the person they do it to? We all like it when over loved one is sweet and gives us attention. I admit it myself, I love it, but he/she doesn’t have to over do it, because it will just become a routine, it will be so common that when you’ll do it again, it won’t seem important anymore.

Why do people lie? It’s ok to lie, the average person says 4 lies a day.. but why lie on major things? They will always come out. ALWAYS. Don’t think I never lied. Oh my God, I lied a lot, but I’m slowly realizing that there’s no good in it and I’m stopping. Why can’t others do that too?

Another thing that drives me crazy.. why on Earth DO YOU CHEAT? Don’t get in a relationship if you’re not serious. What did the other person do to you? Love you? Respect you? Treat you like a king/queen? Is that bad? Did that make you cheat? Even if they did something bad, cheating is not the answer. Cheating is not the best choice for ‘revenge’ and you shouldn’t even think of that when you’re in a relationship. I believe that if one person cheats once, they will do it again.. and again.. so why cheat in the first place? It’s pathetic and immature.

‘Oh, I like this guy so much because he’s so like hot and he’s so like badass, omagaaad. I wanna date him’ *after 2 days* ‘Baby, I love you and I will die without you’. Uh? What? Who are you lying to? You know who? To yourself. You’re lying to yourself in the first place. You’re making a fool of youself. You’re making yourself look like a hypocrite. Why? Is it worth it? No. Just be honest to youself.

Looks will only get someone their attention.. personality will get their heart. Stop caring about the way someone looks. You really think they will look the same when they’re 40,50,60….? Sorry to break it down to you, but NO. Be mature, grow up!

And last but maybe the most important point.. why do girls flirt with guys when the guys have girlfriends already? Or why do guys flirt with girls when they girls have boyfriends already? You obviously don’t respect the person’s lover, but don’t you at least respect yourself? Obviously not.


Ps. This isn’t about anyone in particular, but it just came to my mind after reading some stuff.


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