Letter to Santa.. ♥

If you’re asking yourselves who Santa is, then you deserve to be punched in the nose. WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHO SANTA CLAUS IS?!

Santa is that chubby, adorable old man who brins us gifts on the night of 24th December.

Santa is that chubby, adorable old man who knows everything with you and takes in consideration if we were good or bad the whole year.

Santa is that chubby, adorable old man who has 9 magical elves to help him and his reindeers to pull his sleigh.

Santa is that chubby, adorable old man wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots.

Santa is the spirit of Christmas! ♥

Yes, I believe in Santa, because if he wouldn’t exist, then who would I get all the gifts from? So don’t you dare say he doesn’t exist and that it’s my parents who put the presents under the Christmas tree.

If you don’t believe in Santa then what do you believe in? Keep a bit of childhood in your heart all the time, because that is what will keep you alive and young through the years.

So here my letter for Santa stars..

Dear Santa,

I want to thank God for all I have and all He has given to me, because I believe I am very blessed. I got all the things a person would wish for. I got amazing people in my life, health, happiness. Most of the people would only ask for material stuff.. of course I will too, because you bring gifts, right? But first of all, I want to wish for what I have been given until now. I would like everyone to be healthy and happy. I wish for all the best for my family, Eisa, Mariam & Ali. These people are the most important to me and I love them so much! However, all my best wishes go to everyone else, even people I don’t know because God teaches us to love our ‘brothers and sisters’ from all over the world. May everyone have a great Christmas.

Thank you.

PS. Santa, the material things that I want is a while iPhone.. perfume.. and gold set. No, I’m not asking for too much, considering the fact that I’m travelling in summer. *angel face*


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