Never ask why I love you, just accept that I do, and that I will for the rest of my life.

I’ve been trying so many times to express my love for you.. what I feel for you, but I always fail. I’ve known you for so long and we were always so close and when we got back together it was like you came back to my life.. can’t explain. I hate this feeling. I have so many thins inside, but I know that even if i tried to talk about it forever, it won’t be enough.

We do argue and God, the way we do it, it’s like we’re the worst enemies, but after all, we forget everything and act as if nothing happened and this is the most important thing because this means we’re willing to forget about all the bad things so we are fine.

I’m thanking God for making us get back together,  because I’m living those moments again and not only.. because He gave me the chance of being with you again, because He gave me the chance to change, to become a better person, to learn new things.. and I’m thanking you for this as well. I’m thanking you for being patient with me when I get annoying and all you would wanna do is choke me to death or something (I know you get this feeling, I’d get it too to be honest, haha).

Although some may think I’m not serious about it, yes I am. And I hope that you’ll realize this soon. I know that I’m going to university next summer, but we already planned everything, didn’t we? Seeing you all the holidays and I promised you once and I’ll promise you again that you can trust me and nothing will happen because I’m going there to study not do anything else.

I want to be with you.. I want to be with you forever because I know that no one can love me the way you do and I know that I’ll be the happiest person next to you. No one could just hug me.. kiss me.. make me smile.. the way you do. No one is you, because you’re the best.. the best for me.

I reached the point where although we talk and see each other every day, I still dream of you at night and when I wake up I still miss you. I just can’t seem to have enough of you.. and I doubt that will ever happe, because you’re full of surprises and we always do something new.

Can I go to sleep next to you every night? Can I wake up next to you every morning? Can you just be mine forever?


For you, Eisa.


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