A teacher..

I hear/see people around me disrespecting teachers. Well, what I think is that they deserve the most respect out of all other civil servants. I mean, after all they’ve taught us everything we know.

Stop talking about them when you’re young, because you never know.. maybe one day you’ll become a teacher. And not only that, think of them as your parents, They want the best for you. Although you may think they all hate you and they want you to fail, bla bla bla.. it’s not true. You’re just emo and you need to get youself checked.

Teachers gained ‘eternal’ (lol) respect because they give up their time to teach YOU. Despite their bad mood, sickness or whatever, they come to school every morning to guide you in your life and as a quote says ‘a good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.’

They stop thinking about their own problems and start concentrating on your own. You think they don’t go through bad moments? Only you do? Well you’re wrong. They’re humans too and they help this society more than anyone else. All we learn is from teachers.. everything is linked to teachers and their teachings. To be a doctor you need to be taught by a teacher, to be an engineer the same and to be a soldier you must at least finish middle school, so same thing goes to them as well.

You must NEVER disrespect teachers. It should be like disrespecting your own parents. You literally spend most of your life closer to your teachers than your parents because most of the time you’re in school.

They deserve to be treated perfectly because thanks to them we are who we are and where we are today.

I’m talking as a daughter of a teacher.. an amazing one I must say, from whom I’ve learned a lot. My father is a history, geography and social studies teacher. He’s the most intelligent man I’ve ever met and I’m not saying this just ’cause he’s my father, but that’s the truth. He made me realize how important teachers are from a young age when I used to attend his classes and just observe his lessons and the way he’d teach. Firsly he’s his students’ best friend and then their teacher which is just great, right?

Moreover, my boyfriend is a teacher too and recently he had an argument with a couple of people over the salary raise in Kuwait. I mean, shouldn’t you be happy that this happened? By raising their salaries you’re assuring a good education. This will be a plus in their motivation to do their job correctly.  I’ve probably repeated myself, but THEY DESERVE IT the most. They are the ones who made us… ALL, so stop hating on them and their salary raise and be happy ’cause you, your friends, your children….etc will get a better education.

Ok, maybe some of them can be mean and scream and whatever else they do. That’s not right, but hey? Who said everyone’s perfect? Actually no one is, so give them a break? You’re not. Why should they be?

By saying things about teachers is like saying about yourself because you were ‘raised’ up by them.


“A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.” – Patricia Neal



– dedicated to my dad and Eisa. 🙂


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