What is politics? What is it for? Who is it for? Why do we need it?

Politics comes from the Greek word ‘polis’ which means city, state and it is the process by which a group of people make collective decisions. Politics usually means running the government, but at times it can be some specific institutions, fields and special interest groups too.

Politics is for taking different decisions which will affect everyone socially or economically. Everyone should take part in the decision-making because most countries nowadays are democratic and according to Lincoln democracy is: government for the people, government by the people and government of the people.

This means that who’s in the government and what’s going on there is decided by the people.. the government is formed from the citizens and everyone has the right to run for elections and also that the government works for the people and not just try to control the people.

Who is it for? Theoretically it is for everyone. All groups of people, of different social classes and races should take part in the decision-making process. However, practically this is not true due to different reasons. Some people just don’t care about politics and don’t care who’s taking over their government. Others don’t have the posibility, financially speaking.. to take certain actions for becoming politically aware of the things going on in the government and around the world. Others just don’t have the chance to do so, because their governments are authoritarian and don’t allow free speech, elections and the different things that make up democracy and help politics to exist.

No one will ever know exactly why we need politics, but what I think is that we need it to kinda control what’s going on around us. We need it to discuss different issues, such as economy, health and also organize government activity. People use politics to become familiar with how the government works and also to know about the actions the government takes.

If I get started on talking, or writing about politics I doubt I will ever finish because this is what I love. It is so interesting and there’s always something new that just came out. No one will never know exactly what’s going on and I don’t think we should, because then the whole ‘magic’ will be gone.

‘In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.”
– Winston Churchill


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