Class of ’11 ♥

It all started in year 7, when I came to GES. I will never forget my first day.. everyone was just staring at me and gossiping. I hated the first month or so, but as I look back to those times I just wanna cry and laugh at the same time.

In about half a year, I was friends with everyone and even though we weren’t all close, we all took care of each other.

As we grew older we realized how important friends are and year 11 was the best year in my life. We all became friends.. Girls.. Boys.. Cool kids.. Weird kids (not that there are any in our year group!!). I just love everyone.. and I don’t know why I’m writing this blog entry right now, because I really can’t express my feelings towards everyone, but the graduation song came up and I started remembering all the times spent together.

The way we’d make teachers crazy.. jump around.. run.. go all crazy. Skip lessons. Make fun of people.. we’re just amazing.

The first day of year 11 when the whole year group was in the common room and we had pillow fight. Watching movies during the free periods. Hiding behind the doors and tables. Playing cards, dancing, singing.. all those moments were and will always be amazing.

I love class of ’11 and I will never forget them for they are my second family and I promise that whenever there will be a reunion I will make it even if I’m million milles away.

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, from whatever
We will still be, friends forever. ♥


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