What I think about life

Why does everyone.. or almost everyone wanna die? Why do teenagers try to kill themselves? Why do some actually DO it? Maybe because they don’t get the meaning of life. However, no one can say for sure what it is.

In my opinion life is a gift and it should be cherished. We should thank God every day and every night for giving us the chance of living on this planet.. for giving us the chance of becoming someone.. for giving us the change to make a change in this world..

Why so negative? Does it help? No. Then why shouldn’t we just be positive instead? Maybe this could bring some positive results in our lives. As a quote says ‘your attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards you’. That is so true!

By being optimistic, then nothing.. but nothing can bring you down and you’ll always fight for what you believe in, but if you’re negative?

Life is good man! LIFE IS AMAZING! Live your life, because one day you’ll be all wrinkled up and you’ll look back at your younger days and say ‘fuck man, I’ve wasted my life’.. but hey, it would be too late. 😉


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