Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble.

It annoys me so badly when I see people arguing about religion. I doubt many of them even know the core values of every religion and they keep commenting about it. Before saying anything, read.. it can help a lot.

Muslims are not terrorists. Christians are not racists. You can find this kind of people everywhere at any time. Whoever kills or does any crime in the name of God shouldn’t even be called a human because I’m 110% sure God doesn’t want anyone to die ‘for’ Him.

I also don’t see the point of changing your religion and I’m not talking only about converting from Christianity to Islam, but vice-versa too. I mean, you grew up your whole life into one kind of culture and out of no where change it? There are no perfect Christians or Muslims who’ve been practicing their religion for years and some try to just change and become ‘good’.

No. If you don’t find peace in one reliigion, then you won’t find it in another either. Why so obsessed over this if God is only ONE whether you call Him God, Dios, Dieu, Allah. He is ONE and He will always be ONE.

I’ve personally read the Bible four times, the Qur’an twice, the Hebrew Bible as well as different things about Buddhism and Hinduism. They’re al interesting.. ALL. And they all talk about peace. You don’t need to part of one religion, when you can take the good side from all of them. Wouldn’t that make you a better person?

We should all stop being so obsessive and so hypocrite when it comes to religion. There’s only one God.. so start getting over it and stop arguing over this.


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