What’s love?

Who thinks they know what love is? I doubt anyone really knows, because it is different for all of us. You won’t be able to know what love is when you’re 14.. maybe not even when you’re 18.. maybe not even later. It all depends on the person.

It doesn’t matter how long you are with that person, because you never know what can happen. Maybe I.. or you, can’t be with someone for too long, because we’re not made for it and maybe we have other things more important to solve.

Anyway love is a beautiful feeling.. from what I have read and kinda felt and you don’t have to look for it, because when you expect it less it will find and surprise you.

Love seems like a gift, yet a curse. It can make you strong, yet weak. It can make you happy, yet sad. It is so different and when it hits you, it does it BADLY.. it will probably knock you off your feet and it will be so sudden that you might not even know what hit you.

Love is scary and amazing at the same time.. I love love.

And although sometimes serious things may freak me out, I would love to be in a serious relationship.. so I won’t have to worry what my other half is doing.. where he is going.. he will always be there for me, with me.


2 thoughts on “What’s love?

  1. Love is devotion, future, loyalty, caring, underatanding, constantly truthfully communicating, all with blessings of God and all the things that make more butterflies reproduce in your tummy.

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