Stupid mentality

Why does everyone ask me why I don’t upload ‘sexy’ pictures of myself? I mean.. what the hell? Every time I hear that I just laugh out loud, but when I realize that everyone thinks just at this it kinda upsets me.

Fortunately for me and unofortunately for others I don’t need to be ‘naked’ to get attention.. I can get it with other things, more important such as my personality and intelligence. Yes, I think I’m intelligent, because I believe in me and I know who I am and what I can do.

Don’t we all love this quote?
‘It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart’.

If you really wanna impress someone, be yourself. Don’t try to act in a different way and then after a couple of outings they realize you’re something else.

Being real to people means being real to yourself. However, a lot of people nowadays lie so much that they actually start believing their own lies. This is sad. It is sad to see how teenagers upload pictures showing different body parts. I mean.. you’re not a hoe, are you?

I doubt their parents would be proud, but too bad they don’t realize that.

There will come a point when they will realize the fact that they will get played a lot, just because they’re so easy.. I hope it won’t be too late though!


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