Money don’t bring happiness

It’s so damn sad to see how everyone nowadays think juuuuust at money and they would do anything for this. Well, let me break it down to you.. money is NOT everything valuable in this life. To be honest, it is not valuable at all.

As a material thing it is okay.. but you know, money come and go. One day you may have millions and the next day you may be broke and have nothing. Moreover you may be a millionaire, but you’re very sick and die. Did money help you stay alive? Nope. So what’s more important?

Yes, money is important, but this doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul for them. A guy told me once that he’d change his religion and even his name for money. Sad.. I would never do that, but everyone has their own point of view and way of thinking.

Yes, money is important. But it doesn’t bring happiness. You can buy a lot, but not the most essential things.. health, happiness and love.

Is it worth ‘giving’ your life for money?
I doubt it.

You’d probably worry about your next car.. your next holiday and waste it all really fast. But if you have enough to live, then you know how to organise your money. You won’t be throwing them outside the window.

So next time you are so ‘hungry’ for money, think about what I said.


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