Saving Syria’s Children

A BBC documentary.

How can the world be so ignorant and not do anything? Innocent people are suffering there. Innocent people are being attacked. Innocent people are dying!

Free Syria!

Champion the #childrenofSyria

“Syria is my first and last love… “

Dear USA

Dear USA

As I was looking through my Facebook page, I saw this. Something pretty interesting.

Ps. I wanna apologise to all my American readers, if this bothers you. But from the perspective of someone who has lived in the Middle East, this is very accurate.

România, trezește’te!!!

Dragii mei români, cum puteți sta așa liniștiți când lucruri groaznice se întâmplă în lume?
În timp ce UNICEF își continuă campania pentru Siria #WithSyria #NOlostgeneration #childrenofsyria care a început deoarece mâine, 15 Martie se împlinesc 3 ani de când a început războiul.. în timp ce multe țări de pe acest Pământ organizează ‘silent-protests’ diseară pentru această campanie. Noi ce facem? Nimic. Continuăm să fim la fel de ignoranți, așa cum am fost obișnuiți.
București, de ce nu faci nimic? Alte orașe mari, de ce nu faceți nimic? My hometown, Râmnicu Vâlcea, de ce stai și taci?
De ce nu iese nimeni? 2-3 persoane. Un mesaj scurt dar plin de emoții și sentimente. O poză distribuită (shared) de mai multe persoane și uite așa facem și noi ceva.
Nu mișcăm munți, dar știm că am participat.

De ce tăceți?



Palestinian bombs VS Israeli bombs

Source from the Facebook page: This is Gaza - like it, for more shocking pictures and news.

“How can people who suffered from the Holocaust do such things to other people?”

Aren’t they meant to know what pain, suffering, hunger … mean? Why do it in return? Why do you have to come to a land that was already inhabited, Palestine and want to cleanse it all out?



UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham speaks up for plight of #childrenofsyria

As I’m very interested in the Syrian Civil War and the inhumane way in which the Syrian population, especially women and children- are treated, I have been looking around for campaigns which I could help as much as I could. As soon as I found about the message spread around by UNICEF, #NOlostgeneration #childrenofsyria I have tried my best to spread it around too. Been tweeting about it, posting on Facebook and I will post it on this blog too until everyone around me and all my readers will sign that petition.

Today, while I was on a break from my university classes (studying political science, so you can see from where all the interest), I looked around Facebook and I saw UNICEF post about David Beckham’s video in which he clearly states that he supports this campaign.

Thought of sharing it with you and maybe you can keep promoting this cause.

Here’s the video:

& here’s the petition:


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